Fit for Surf #2: Top Pre-Surf Stretches from Peggy Hall

In her ongoing crusade to improve you, Peggy Hall offers this: first in a hit-list of the best yoga poses to be done before each surf session.


PH: Just a reminder that the idea of the pre-surf yoga is to increase circulation and warm up your body and mind to prepare for a great session.
Save the deeper stretches for after surfing.

Before we get underway, try this right now:

– sit a little taller
– relax your shoulders
– take a slow, deep breath

There…don’t you feel better already? 

That’s just a tiny glimpse of what lies ahead!

Remember to never force or strain. These moves should feel good! Modify, adapt or adjust the pose if need be.

This move will help you increase your lung capacity so you can
have more energy and endurance and catch more waves!

This is a great one to do before you surf or anytime you want
instant energy!

You’ll increase your lung capacity very quickly if you do this exercise every day.

More lung capacity = more time in the water

I hope you’re feeling more alert and energized already!

Coming up next, I'll show you a great stretch for your low back.

~ Peggy