Fit for Surf: Heal Your Back + How Exactly Yoga Helps Surfing

Along the spectrum of things you can do to surf better, there are the clearly positive, the obviously negative, and – much more common – the ambiguous gray areas that yield an iffy +/-. Surfing more will generally help, while Oxycontin almost certainly won’t. But what about running? Is it good for your cardiovascular health, or bad for your knees? Is quitting your job good for time in the water, or bad for your ability to afford a surf trip to improve in good waves? Today, wellness professional Peggy Hall addresses how yoga translates directly into an improved surfing experience, and offers a pose to treat a troubled back.


PH: First, yoga works on the physical level to improve your strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination. That means you’ll be able to surf longer, with more energy and endurance. No more cutting a session short because of fatigue or aches and pains. Yoga actually helps you replenish energy.

Second, yoga works on the mental level to help you develop focus and concentration, absolutely essential for performing well on the waves. You’ll learn to tune out distractions — even in a crowded lineup — and enjoy your own special relationship with the ocean.

Third, yoga works on an emotional level to help you stay calm and relaxed, focused and free — even in the most demanding situations! That means you can paddle through that clean-up set and face heavy surf feeling calm and confident. You’ll survive any wipeouts much more easily.

Finally, yoga works on a spiritual level to help you deepen your connection to nature! As surfers, we thrive on the energy of the ocean. We feel totally alive when we experience the thrill of being one with creation. Yoga helps you remain present and aware so you deepen that experience.

And here’s a move to help heal your back:

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