There seems to be some debate as to whether you're supposed to "stretch" before going surfing or not.

I actually agree with those who say you shouldn't stretch before surfing.

What? What's that? Don't stretch?

I know this might seem funny coming from yours truly, the surfin’ yogi -- but please, hear me out.

Here's the deal: it's a good idea -- no wait, it's a great idea -- to warm up before you go surfing, but that is entirely different than doing deep stretches. You want to save those for after surfing.

If you've done the pre-surf session of Yoga for Surfers I or Yoga for Board Sports then you know that the moves I recommend are designed to get your blood flowing and your muscles warm so you'll be able to paddle out with more energy and ease. You'll also do some deep breathing to oxygenate your body and your muscles, creating more energy.

But perhaps most important of all is that taking a few minutes to warm up before you surf will also give you the chance to get your mental focus going so you can prepare for your best session -- every time.

Here's a great move you can do to start getting the blood moving. This "torso sway" warms up your back, shoulders and hips and can be done anywhere, anytime. Even if it's the only thing you do before paddling out, it will help.

But if you want an even greater edge, then you owe it to yourself to the best pre-ride moves (just like the pros do). You can get your free yoga stretches for surfing at

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