From Couch-o Simpo… (Day 3)

Brett loves surfing, his girlfriend Danielle, and basketball. Today he got a bit of all three, starting with stunning offshore peaks south of the Pier in Huntington. The swell dropped considerably overnight, but the conditions were gorgeous and the waves were clippable, like coupons. Brett reckons he nailed a couple of keepers, a big alley-oop and some other launches. Shaun Ward, Chris Waring, Brad Ettinger, and the Pac Sun USA Surf Team (Wednesday is still a school day someplace, I’m certain of it) were all out there rip-shredding, and talking about Chris Brown. It’s generally agreed that Rihanna’s the scarier one in the relationship, and I’m like, “Totally!” Actually they had to tell me who those people are.


At breakfast the basketball talk started, and segued into an afternoon of 4 on 4 at the park. It’s nice watching pro surfers miss shots and clop around the court like Clydesdales; just the right amount of schadenfreude to make you feel better about how much better they are in the water. Actually Brett’s pretty good at both because he has a sports background and a halo and can do no wrong, which is getting annoying after 4 days together. 


When our game ended, the Lakers game began, so we watched that next at Danielle’s parents’ house (two of Brett’s loves at once – businessmen call that “synergy”). The new …Lost video is sitting in the car, and we’re both keen on it, but it’ll stay unwrapped as long as there’s ball to watch on TV. Even now the Knicks/Clippers match is blaring from Brett’s big flat-screen. Not a hard life, sailor. Not a hard life at all.


Tomorrow we’ll surf, then hang, chill, relax, kick back, take it easy, and otherwise go with the flow. Brett’ll spend some QT with his lady after she finishes class, and I’ll be darned if there’s no basketball on the tube by dinnertime.


If you only watch one show on network television this season, make it 30 Rock.