JS/Stab Magazine

J.S. is a top-notch set of initials to have. An account of all the world’s venerable JS’s could be its own blog and magazine – and when my mortgage is paid down and the kids have gone off to college, by golly, it will be. I don’t have kids.


But if I did they’d all be JS’s. Just look at this list:


  • Jason Stevenson of JS Industries: Shapes boards for Parko and single-handedly made tractors cool again. Again? Again.
  • Jon Stewart, pre-2006: The Daily Show is such garbage now.
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Jimmy Slade: According to the …Lost website, he is “the reason we all surf.”
  • John Stamos, from Full House
My favorite JS right now is Jed Smith of Stab Magazine, the best surf publication you can get your hands on for more than US$5.00. Somehow, by virtue of being Australian, they can say what they want without being scared of angry advertisers or bruised subjects’ egos. And now they’re stateside in (some) Barnes & Noble stores, though the goods are wrapped and hidden in plastic like so many naughty Playboys. Actually, Stab is a pretty dirty magazine – so there you go. Minus points for not letting us peruse the pages without purchase, but Stab is still worth the scratch. It’s thick like can of Pepsi and probably comes with DVD’s, wax, leashes, some of Taj’s hair maybe…who knows what’s in that bag? A laugh ‘n a lookbook, no doubt. Thanks Jed. Thanks Stab. Thanks John Stamos.