Nutrition for surfers: Dawn Patrol Oatmeal®

Surfing better is as simple as surfing more. In the words of Taj Burrow, “The only difference between me and you is time in the water.” But if you just want to come in and get warm after an hour, there’s no reason to push miserably towards the ninety-minute mark with low energy and no fun. That’s a good way to make your passion a chore. So don’t question your commitment – question your fuel. What you eat pre-surf is as important as what board you bring, what video you psyche to, and how nice you are to old longboarders (karma matters). This recipe is a perfect blend of slow-burning energy and unoriginal phrasing:


“Dawn Patrol Oatmeal”

1 Cup Dry Rolled Oats

3/4 Cup Coffee

3/4 Cup Water or Skim Milk

1 Tsp Honey, Sugar or Splenda


Cook the oats on the stove or in the microwave with coffee and water/milk as the liquid medium, stirring in whatever sweetness you require. The result is a coffee-flavored bowl of thick, warm surf fuel that lowers cholesterol and keeps you in the water longer. My dad thinks it’s weird, but my dad doesn’t write this blog. Dawn Patrol Oatmeal provides the jolt of an espresso, the quick-burning fructose energy of honey, and the long-lasting carbohydrate stores from whole grain rolled oats. Eat up and heat up. Sugary packaged cereals have no place in your body temple. Ohm.