Rising from the Ashes of Quiksilver

If you’re starting a prog-metal band and you want to take the title of this post as your name, that’s fine with me. I won’t sue you. In fact, if you email me, I’ll post a link to your MySpace and say your tunes are smashing.


Also, it seems that 200 people at Quiksilver will soon be trading in their neon pink retro-Quik t-shirts for neon pink layoff slips. Here’s the official press release with attending corpo-speak about streamlined operating costs and reductions in overhead. The bad news, of course, is that 200 people who thought they had a dream gig working in the industry of their choice are now unemployed and possibly underdressed.


What I offer is consolation: If you’ve just been fired and are thinking the gig is up, that you bro-shook your way into Quik’s doors and have no marketable skills and are an unshaven good for nothing failed photo pro destined to work security at Fashion Island while tending to the growth of a perfectly spherical beer-belly, fear not. You’re one of 200 Richard Woolcotts in the making. He left Quiksilver and tooled around for a while before launching Volcom during the early-90’s recession, and now he’s all grown up and gone public and probably laying off foot soldiers of his own. In crisis there is opportunity – and you’ve just been handed the opportunity to look beyond your cubicle in what’s fast becoming the Wal Mart of surf apparel. Don’t waste it! Clean out your desk, cry a little if appropriate, steal a stapler, and get busy delivering unto the world a new chapter in surfing’s industrial evolution. Youth in Favor of Establishment!


If you start a company and you’re wicked cool, post to the comments section of this blog and we’ll get the word out in exchange for some socks.