The Life Australian: Tales from the Tour w/ Noodles


Noodles the bikie (Guilty Jesus)

Noodles the bikie (Guilty Jesus)




Nathan "Noodles" Webster rode the World Tour merry-go-round for a decade, from the Early Kelly era through the Kelly Gone Walkabout phase and into the First Andy Period (Second Andy Period forthcoming, don't you worry). He departed after 2004 to head RVCA Australia, but not before logging a flash drive worth of great heats and even better stories. When he broke out a classic bit of tour lore over coffee this morning, we had to perk up our ears.


"Me and Guilherme Herdy had this gnarly rivalry, like 20 heats together where he'd win one, I'd win one, back and forth like that pretty even over the years," says Noodles, who looks even more like Guilty Jesus now than he did back in Drive Thru South Africa. It's difficult to imagine two more opposite humans than him and Guilherme Herdy.


"So we had this one at Mundaka and the waves were shit - I needed like a 4, having an 8.5 and a nothing, and Guilherme had priority at the end. But I could feel that it was my turn! F--k, I swear I knew what was gonna happen before it even did."


As time wound down, Noods took off on a wave without priority, getting to his feet with only a second or two remaining. Herdy, as any tactical surfer would do, promptly took off on the same wave in order to void his opponent's score (only the surfer with priority is judged in the event that both competitors ride the same wave). However, in accordance with ASP rules - and to the sneaky, Guilty Jesus knowledge of Nathan Webster - priority expires at the sound of the horn. When Noodles stood up, the heat was still alive; but when Guilherme took off seconds later, the heat had ended, and gone was his precious priority. Noods got the score he needed and advanced, later retiring to the life of a raggedy gentleman with an obsidian Benz. His interests include surfing after 7:30AM, custard tarts, and sex jokes.