The Previews are the Best Part

I largely ignore the video section on our website. Sorry. Extended clothing commercials posing as surf footy are not my cup of tea…although they pay for the magazine’s existence, and therefore my livelihood, so remind me to cross this all out before I hit the “publish” button. There are quiet rumors that our video platform is going to be overhauled into a mind-blowing bastion of web 2.0, so hold onto your hats for that.


Anyhow. I accidentally watched the February 2009 Issue Preview and it’s truly worth your two minutes. I don’t know who did it or who had the idea, but it trumps a lot of full-length surf movies and most of my dad’s DirecTV programming. Hold on a sec, I’m going to go watch it again.


Coooool. You get a look at Travis Ferre’s wine binge train trip through Europe with Dylan Graves and Blake Jones, as well as his Indonesia boat trip with a bunch of girls. Damn, that kid gets around. And what’s the context of the Kelly quote midway through: “Ten years from now I could still be in the running for winning contests”? Juicy. I wanna know.


I won’t usually plug the magazine, but they did a swell job on that and I look forward to the March preview soon. I hope the other mags start doing it too.