There are some days that you’ll never forget. The day your firstborn bids farewell to the womb, for example, or the day you stare like fire into a lover’s eyes and say, “I do.” You’ll remember exactly what you wore on those days. You’ll know what you ate, which songs you heard and how you felt. These are the kind of things that memory wouldn’t dare bend.

The release of SURFING Magazine’s 2015 Swimsuit Issue is probably not one of those days.

But it’s still unforgettable. This year’s Swimsuit Issue features professional surfers Sage Erickson, Alessa Quizon, Bree Kleintop and Quincy Davis as well as models Alexis Ren, Trew Mullen and Tereza Kacerova. They go overseas and they wear only the sexiest in beachside fashion. Mark Hunter (@thecobrasnake) photographs them doing everything from eating ice cream to splashing each other with the bluest seawater in all of Cancun. You can find it on newsstands March 27th. And while it may not be childbirth, it certainly is a lot prettier.