Designer Interview: Indah’s Libby DeSantis


Weekend getaway vacation: Thailand. It is really close for us and we have friends with boats up there so we just sail away!
Song at the moment: "Got to keep your head" up by Andy Grammer
Sunscreen: Soliel. Always
2013 Swim trends: Openwork details and cut outs
iPhone App: Not super into these, just stoked I can use the camera pretty well
Beach: Geger
Website: Indah

How did you get into designing bikinis?
Libby Dsantis: I started out designing yoga wear, so I learned how to pattern with stretch fabrics before anything else. After that I spent a few years just focusing on beach basics: skirts, shorts, etc. It is natural because I live at the beach so I spend all day, every day in some form of a suit. At the time, I was buying all of my suits from the Brazilian girls. I loved them, but I also wished that they were a bit more feminine and softer. I then started cutting suits directly out of fabric without patterns, just thinking of the lines I wanted and tying them together. They were fun and they felt good, so other girls started asking me to make them. And so it began.

What's your go to perfect bikini?
It totally depends on what's on the menu for that day. If it's Sunday and I'm lounging, I'll go for a bandeau and tiny string sides. For mornings on the beach, I like anything rusched that form fits so that I can run, swim or surf in it.

What is one new trend you predict will be hot next year?
Form-fitting suits that shape you up. Sport meet fashion.

What are some main influences behind your brand and its designs?
Color is big for me. I use my instincts and try to dig deep into the rainbow. That said, white is my favorite color because it shows me everything I need to know and gives all other colors their light. I also love clean lines and simple ideas that fit well. I am not into fuss — I think woman are already so sexy they don’t need much detail, just lines that move with them.

What inspires you as a designer?
Travel. I am constantly planning my next big escape.

What would your dream vacation be?
Right now, I am really drawn to spending time in Japan. I would like to spend a month there exploring their incredible history, culture, art, food and language.