Designer Interview: MIKOH SWIMWEAR’s Oleema Miller


Weekend getaway vacation: Depends where I am in the world -- but somewhere usually involving delicious restaurants, pretty views and good shopping
Song at the moment: Kind of obsessed with anything by Flume at the moment
Sunscreen: Love Kiehl’s and anything by Alba for a more organic fix
2013 Swim trends: Skinny string detailing, crotchet, bright punchy colors and prints -- all sans hardware of course
iPhone App: Instagram (follow @MIKOHSWIMWEAR) and Flight Tracker to make sure all my flights are on time
Beach: Yallingup in Western Australia.

How did you get into designing bikinis?
We grew up in an extremely creative household just steps away from the ocean so designing was something that was in my blood from day one. The combination of designer parents and the beach as our backyard made it somewhat inevitable that I’d be designing swimwear.

How long have you been designing for?
The 2013 Collection is our fourth collection for MIKOH.

What's your go to perfect bikini?
My go to perfect bikini is definitely one that makes you feel your best. When you’re wearing such little fabric on the beach and in the waves, the number one important thing is that you feel confident, sexy, and comfortable simultaneously.

What is one new trend you predict will be hot 2014?
I think our skinny string detailing is something that will stay fresh and modern for years to come.

What is one trend that you think will not make it to 2014?
Too much booty coverage.

What are some main influences behind your brand and its designs?
Your paradise is in the color of the sunset, or the shimmer of the sea on moonrise. It's the lap of the tide, the breeze in the boughs, the dance of a wood-burning flame at twilight. It's in catching the first wave at dawn. It's in the search; it's in the journey.

What inspires you as a designer?
I’m inspired on a daily basis- usually at times when I least expect it. It can be in the intricate detailing of a shell, the color of a textile, or the sparkle in the ocean. I’m blessed to be able to travel year round and be exposed to distant and different cultures that are constantly bringing me new inspiration.

What would your dream vacation be?
My dream vacation would be anywhere that involves a crystal clear blue ocean, white sand beaches, yummy food, and good company.