Nichole Poolside Interview

BB: Congrats on getting the cover of Surfing Swimsuit Issue!!What does that feel like? What does that mean as a swimwear designer?

NC: Thank you. I'm so thrilled. It is such an honor to not only be on the cover but along side so many of the surfing industry's greatest. I couldn't be happier and the photo is gorgeous. Tristin Akahoshi along with her team did an AMAZING job on the Swimsuit Issue and I am very thankful. The recognition has been unbelievable and most of all it is such a great accomplishment for me personally along with Team TRS.

BB: When did you first launch Tyler Rose and what inspired this? AND Why swimwear?

NC: I graduated college and wasn't passionate about my career path. Rather than doing what everyone else said I should do or be great at, I decided to take a leap of faith and do what I loved, which was fashion. I started Tyler Rose Swimwear in 2001 and did it on the side for the first couple of years. There were so many brilliant influences along the way but the initial inspiration was a picture of my mother circa 1970 in a lavender bikini on a houseboat; I loved everything about it.

Ultimately, I ended up choosing swimwear because while on the hunt to find the perfect bikini, I was greatly disappointed. 11 years ago no one was selling separates and as we all know, not everyone is one size fits all. Since day one I made it my mission to create a brand by designing a unique line that concentrated on the perfect fit, sold as separates and the ability to be mix n' matched, while incorporating my personal style, inspirations and all things I love. Tyler Rose Swimwear is all about building a bikini wardrobe and creating your own style. I have worked hard to build my brand and I'm just getting started.

You can buy swimwear and tell someone about it, or you can wear Tyler Rose Swimwear and not have to say a word.

BB: What inspires your designs and you as a designer?

NC: It starts with my passion for Music and The Glamour Era of Hollywood and Old Palm Springs. Anything vintage and everything 50's, 60's & 70's when taking a holiday meant something.

Currently listening to…Calvin Harris Radio on Pandora

Currently reading…RUSSH Magazine and!

Never leave home without… Lemon water, iPhone, Chanel gloss and my keys!

Beach bag staples are…TRS topper, Obagi SPF, my sunnies, Australian Vogue and a few TRS bikinis just in case…you never know who may need a bikini upgrade

Currently coveting…. Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Issue 2012 & my 2013 Spring Collection.

Runway to take home…Can I take a few? Rachel Zoe Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear, Sass & Bide Spring 2012 Runway, Stella McCartney Spring 2012

If I could see one (art, music) show it would be…Led Zeppelin Madison Square Garden 1973

You won't watch me in the sun without…My TRS bikini

Beach or pool… Poolside

Favorite destination…Anywhere poolside over looking the ocean with a warm, balmy, tropical breeze and no internet connection

A place or culture that inspires me… The hippie movement of the 60's, Palm Springs, South of France

Next stop… Straight to the top, the opportunities are endless. Get ready; the best is yet to come.

Words to live by…Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated.

Life is way too short so don't let anyone ever tell you can't do something or be someone. Just Do It.

"There is no such a thing as spending too much money on a bikini," my mother once told me. "Frankly, it's most important to look your best when you are wearing the least" -Gigi Mortimer

"Fashions fade — style is eternal." -Yves Saint Laurent