Don’t Let July Escape You


Summer has the tendency to sneak up on us. It comes into frame before anticipated, and soon enough, packs up and moves on to the next part of the globe – leaving us wishing we could have had just one more day with the elusive season. But not this year. We’re here to prevent that, and to encourage you to bask in all the summer pleasures that you can get your hands on. Get outside, feel the sun, the sand, that bead of sweat fall off your neck and creep onto you’re sunburned back. Enjoy every day, hour, minute of these ninety days we look forward to all year long. And to be sure you don’t let these glorious days evade you, we’ve provided you with this July calender featuring the lovely SURFING swimsuit model Trew Mullen. If that isn’t motivation enough to seize the season, we don’t know what is.

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