Made by Dawn Swimwear

Meet Dawn Peterson, designer of Made by Dawn Swimwear. Born in hawaii, modeled in New York, then moved to Santa Barbara where she inherited her grandmother’s sewing machine in 2006. Her mission was to create a unique and artistic collection of bikinis, thus creating Made by Dawn. Our favorites, the Puka Top with tiny ruffle details, and the Shell picker bottom made with pockets to store your shells.


Where are you from?

What is your favorite part about Hawaii?
that’s a hard question to answer..I love everything about being there..I love the surfing, ocean, sand, mountains, people, The Air, flowers, rain, slippers, Sunrise/Sunsets, papayas, honks are for hello’s, whale’s, turtle’s, Christmas morning…I miss all of it..

What sparked MadebyDawn?
My Grandpa gave me my Grandma’s sewing machine..I made bikinis with hand written made by dawn tags sewn into them I made alot of things but bikinis were what I made the most of I guess because they were small and I could draw a pattern on my dining table..

bb: What is your inspiration behind the line?
dp: That’s a long answer…life would be a short answer

What can we expect in the upcoming season?
It’s a surprise

Any facts that we may not know about you?
I love cartoons and fantasy movies..

Do you surf?
Yes as much as I can.. I Love it

Any thoughts on surfing and surfers?
We are the luckiest people in the world being in the ocean is a blessing..I am thankful for every day of surfing.

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