Out of Office Reply
"Tough day at the office, eh?"


"Gonna be another hard day at work."


"You think I like neglecting the office and my girlfriend to hang out with beautiful models all day? No. I'm doing this for the magazine."

Smug comments like these run rampant during the first shoot for our annual Swimsuit Issue. We're in Catalina and the weather is fine and the girls, well, they're the type of girls that live in your fantasies, movies, and soon, your magazines:

  • Amanda, a classic Marilyn Monroe beauty. The type of girl you'd want on your arm for a night out in New York.
  • Christy, a natural beauty from Northern California. The type of girl you'd want to get cozy with around a campfire.
  • And Eloisa, a Brazilian stunner with a mean stare but a better smile. The type of girl you'd want to marry.

And with light-hearted photographer Michael Sterling Eaton setting the mood (wearing Indian headdresses, blasting music and wading into the ocean with all of his clothes on), the set is all laughs and high fives. And though the vibe is making for great days of shooting, they're making even better images. Swimsuit Issue producer Tristin Akahoshi is claiming they are some of the best she's seen.

So no, it's not a tough day at work and it is fun neglecting the office and maybe it's time to just ditch the sarcasm and tell it like it is — the Swimsuit Issue shoot is as wonderful as you'd imagine and this is going to be the best one yet.

[Be it so near Thanksgiving and all, we'd like to thank the following people and companies that made this shoot happen: Brittani and the Santa Catalina Island Company, The Pavilion Hotel in Avalon and the Catalina Express. We'll be back.]