Petra Frankenreiter, Modern Day Hippy


The beautiful Petra Frankenreiter, wife of musician Donavon Frankenreiter and mom to Hendrix and Ozzy, is one of those people that can throw on a basic t-shirt and still seem to drip with exceptional style in the most casual of ways. This is why we were so excited to get a peak into her Kauai sanctuary she calls home and see how she was able to translate her personal style into her home.

BB: How long have you and the fam lived on Kauai?
Petra: 4 amazing years.

BB: Why Kauai?
Petra: People say you don't choose Kauai, it chooses you.

BB: Do you guys travel a lot?
Petra: My husband travels nonstop. We just go on the good trips, about half the year.

BB: How do you keep everyone balanced and healthy when you're traveling?
Petra: I try to make it home wherever we are. Eat good, surf a lot, hang out with good people and enjoy every moment.

BB: How does your style in your home reflect your personal style?
Petra: They are both natural and funky. People call us modern hippies.

BB: What are some of your favorite pieces in your home?
Petra: Crystals from our Brazil trip. And my Bromley art.

BB: What are some of your biggest inspirations?
Petra:My kids.....My husband....My family.

Fill in the blanks...

Currently listening husband Donovan
A show I'd never miss (music, art, etc) Anything my kids are in.
Currently reading....The 5th Agreement
Artist to check out...David Bromley
Favorite destination...Australia
Next stop....East coast then Europe
Never leave home without...My kids
Words to live by...Live in the moment