S A Y U L I T A by Salt Swimwear designer Layla Pakzad

They say birds of a feather flock together.. a few little designer birds flocked to Sayulita, Mexico this November for some relaxation and a lot of inspiration. When myself, Layla Pakzad, designer for Salt Swimwear, Jen Rossi of Jen’s Pirate Booty, Jaime Haskell of Lovely Bird Hats and Katie Costello of Katie Costello Jewlery arrived in Sayulita, the sun caressed our cheeks and the salty air kissed our lips.  We checked into the Hotel Hafa and our jaws dropped to the floor.  Creativity was literally oozing out of every corner in this petite hotel.  Moroccan style doorways, hearts painted on the floors and color everywhere.  It was truly magnificent.

F A V O R I T E H O T S P O T S >>

>>The charming little wine and tapas bar next door to Hotel Hafa. I’m sure it had a name, but you can’t miss it.

>> Tacos El Ivan, a little street car vendor. I think on some days we would stop here 3 or 4 times! Hands down, they have the very best tacos el pastor I have ever tried.. The trick is they add a smoked sliver of pineapple atop your tender, juicy pork taco, mmmhhmm.

>> Burrito Revolution was definitely something to write home about. Their best menu item was the burrito de camarones. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to the super, which just means sour cream and freshly sliced avocado included in your shrimp burrito.

>>Yemaya boutique was our all time favorite store in town. Hana Waxman, the owner/buyer, stocks it with the most tempting items. She carries Salt Swimwear and Jen’s Pirate Booty. And my personal fav, JADEtribe! She has an array of their purses, blankets and beach bags to choose from. She also has some gorgeous pieces of jewelry from new designer, Marisa Haskell. This boutique is not to be missed if you are anywhere near Sayulita.

>> Pacha Mamais another enticing boutique. This store is owned by the same French family, Les Gazelles, that owns Hotel Hafa, so you can imagine the style it exudes. This store is more like a living art exhibition. They make almost everything by hand right upstairs in their open-air home. Fittingly, they also do have an art gallery right next door to the store filled with images radiating light and color. This family is the true definition of bohemian. You can almost feel the wind beneath their wings as they move with life’s current. They were incredibly kind and invited us in to their home and made us feel cozy and welcomed. They told us stories about sailing around Fiji and Tahiti when the kids were young; gathering pearls along the way to make jewelry out of. They even asked us to be a part of their latest art installation. They wanted to capture images of people that passed through Sayulita as well as those who call it home. We lovingly came to call them the “Frenchies”. I know for a fact, meeting this family has changed all of us for the better.

W H A T T O B R I N G >>

Getting dressed was the easiest part, between all of us, we had a full outfit everyday!

>> I wore my latest Salt kini: Lola top and Liv bottom in vintage Hawaii print.
>> My Isis poncho in natural by Jen’s Pirate Booty.
>> I would layer my Marisa Haskell Tulum Fringe Leather necklace and Katie Costello Vanessa necklace. Then, pile on Katie Costello‘s flower child and gold bangle bracelets.
>> To top it off, I wore my feathered Biarritz hat by Lovely Bird.
>> Lovely bird also sells the softest beach blankets in lively striped prints. shop it here >>My beach bag was, you guessed it, JADEtribe! shop it here
>>And lastly, we all wore our Soludos shoes that we were beyond obsessed with! They are so comfy and come in tons of punchy colors. shop it here

B E A C H  S H O P P I N G>>
How blissful this experience was.  With the salt water from the ocean drying on our skin as we basked in the warm sun, drink in hand, the sweetest vendors would come show us their hand made goods.  Each one had a smile from ear to ear.  Some of the happiest people I have met live in Sayulita.  We bought blankets, beach bags, hand woven macrame bracelets and anklets, dream catchers, the list goes on…