Stylist Conor Graham


Veteran stylist Conor Graham has been bringing her style expertise to jobs for close to seven years and as seen in her recent work on the Swimsuit Preview, Conor has proven to be a valuable fixture within the fashion and action sports worlds. The current Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Issue was Conor’s third year as the project’s stylist and as always the looks that she put together left us breathless and inspired. We loved hearing a little more about the behind the scenes process, what keeps her inspired and where we’ll find the Laguna Beach resident when she’s not working.

BB: What are some of you most memorable projects?
CG: Some of my most memorable projects would have to be some of the Surfing Magazine Swimsuit shoots. We get explore and travel to some of the most magical (and mosquito invested) locations, shoot for a week or two while making life long friends and sharing a ton of laughter! My job really can't get better then that.

BB:What keeps you inspired? Keeps you inspired as a stylist?
CG: I am inspired by everythingaround me: art, music, friends and old movies. I read an ungodly amount of magazines; I have my whole life. What really keeps my going as a stylist is that it changes everyday, no day is ever the same. My job is so unconventional, its always exciting in that way but don't get me wrong my job most of the time is less than glamorous!

BB: What about the preview excites you?
CG: The travel and the amazing crew we work with. Meeting really amazing locals who help guide us along to locations and of course all the bikinis! We edit through hundreds of suits and end up takingabout 3 duffle bags full of our edits, during that time I eat, sleep and live teenie tiny bikinis and I love it.

BB:What are you currently working on? What's next for you in this coming year?
CG: A lot of amazing things are happening with my career right now, I'm venturing into some new territory and it's scary and exciting. I am about to begin collaborating on design and styling for Billabong's Design for Humanity big bikini fashion show.

BB Quick styling tips?
CG: Wear what you love and what makes you feel good, not what's in fashion or because it's in fashion. Splurge on basics, they'll last forever and will never go out of style.

Inside look…

I don't leave home without... my antique Victorian gold bangle.

In a rush, I'll throw on... vintage cut off denim shorts, a vintage silk blouse and havana flip flops.

Every girl must own... a piece by the babes at Stone Cold Fox

My swimwear item of the moment is... little crochet bikini

One stop shop at... Aris in Laguna Beach. The consignment closet in the back is the best around.

When I need some inspiration I... vintage shop; for home décor or for myself. I love buying something old and making it new again.

The thing that keeps me up at night is... I sleep very well at night.

Words to live by… love