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For the past twelve years, Summer Rapp has been one of the leading creative directors in the action sports world. After more than a decade of creating covetable designs at brands such as Volcom and Quiksilver, Summer is debuting her first “contemporary women’s collection that delivers this fall”. For anyone who knows Summer, her style and dynamic talent, SUMMER OF SEVENTY EIGHT couldn’t have come sooner.

BB: What's your typical day look like?

SM: I'm not going to lie....A typical day with Me is chaos. Every minute of my day is maxed out with work, kids and personal to do's. I wake up between 6:30 and 7 and start phone calls and emails with an East Coast client. My husband and I take turns making breakfast and lunches for kids. After taking Maddox to school and getting Brixton settled in, I try to go for a run or take a barre class before work. I get to my studio about 9:30-10 am and jump into the daily juggle of my various design projects and my personal project, Summer of Seventy Eight. I'm fighting for time in between my day to call people back and answer emails. I rush out the door everyday around 6 or 6:30 pm. I get home, prepare a little dinner for my husband and I, hang with my kids for a little bit and then put them down around 8:30. At about 9:00 I get back on email and getting to the work things I couldn't fit in during the day. Shower and bed around 11:30…every once in a while I will just sit after everyone's in bed and watch bad tv with a glass of wineJ Every day is about balance and I'm still trying to find my rythym.

BB: Anyone who knows you has been dying for you to start your own collection, what led you to launch Summer of Seventy Eight?

SM: It was never going to be the right time. I was always going to be busy with something and I didn't want any regrets. Stever was very supportive of me getting a concept going and overnight we said, "let's do this!" The line is evolving and although I loved our launch collection, I'm very excited to showcase our spring collection!

BB: What are some main influences behind your brand and it's designs?

SM: It's really just a personal exploration. I travel a lot for recreation and research and the creative release I get from being abroad really trigger's many of the ideas I apply to my collection. I love shopping vintage, looking at old photographs and books about the various decades of style/music/fashion. I am really inspired by models, muses, musicians of the late sixties, early seventies , but am also very into modernization, so the collection is a nice blend.

BB: How would you describe the S.O.S.E. girl?

SM: Someone who is constantly on the go, who grew up on the coast but has a downtown fashion sensibility. Our girl is casual, yet chic.

BB: What inspires you as a designer/ keeps you inspired?

SM: I'm very driven and motivated, which is incredibly self propelled. I tend to overanalyze things, so when it comes to design I find the best things come from a feeling, whether it's when traveling, or flipping the page of an exciting book or watching a band....the ideas come from all over.

BB: What's on the agenda for Summer of Seventy Eight?

SM: We are just about to launch our online shop: which is very exciting! Product will be ready to ship 7/15. We are having a small holiday photo shoot next week with my photographer friend, Mark Oblow and simultaneously I am working on the spring collection.

We are also ready to find representation in NY, so are currently looking for a showroom who will represent our brand starting with the spring collection.

. . .

When not designing...I'm emailing

Currently listening to...Black Keys and Fiona Apple

Can't put down...Just finished all 3 of the Shades of Grey trilogy...Inspiration;)

Would never miss....(show, music, art, etc). an opportunity to travel or a good work out.

I knew I wanted to design when...I got my first entry level job in the industry working as an assistant to the owner.... I thought her job was so glamorous.

All time favorite professional moment..when I was working with Volcom and we won the "women's brand of the year" award the first year it was given. It was such an honorable acheivement and a pivotal moment in the women's surf industry.

All time favorite personal moment...when I got engaged

Never leave home iphone, shades, and a rubber band for my hair. Everything else I can do without.

Beach must-haves...Beach spray by Bobbi brown 15SPF, vintage beach blanket/sheet, shishedo sunscreen stick 30SPF and my kids' beach toys!

Favorite destination...For recreation I love Cabo San Lucas for a quick getaway, Tavarua for ultimate relaxation and the South of France for their vinyards and beaches!!! New York or London for the nightlife and shopping!

Next stop…on my way to New York right now...

Travel essentials...Iphone, passport, Evian spray Mist and a heavy moisturizing hand lotion are the 4 things I always have with me when I travel anywhere...everything else is dependent upon my destination.

Words to live by...Live each day to the fullest!

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