SURFING Teams with Bikini Bird

Bikini Birds

Although a 3/2 is barely cutting it and Starbucks has already switched to the holiday cups, it's still summer somewhere. Or at least warm enough to show a little skin. And with that in mind SURFING has partnered with the girls of the Bikini Bird blog to bring fashion conscious ladies and lady loving dudes a new SURFING page to peruse. Look for weekly posts on travel, swimsuit trends and behind the scenes shots from our annual Swimsuit Issue.

We're pleased to introduce the lovely Ally Lopez and Tiana Becker of Bikini Bird:

SURFING: Where are you girls from?

Tiana: North Shore of Oahu

Ally: Maui, Hawaii

Why bikinis?

Tiana: It has always been an obsession of mine. They are so fun, bright and full of pattern.  Also, we both grew up being in bikinis all year long. So it seemed very natural to blog about bikinis.  I feel like one can never have enough bikinis.

Ally: Bikinis represent that jet setting way of life that’s carefree, fun and stylish.  Whether or not this way of life is your reality is irrelevant. It’s the fantasy that matters, the idea that one day you’ll be lounging on the beach in a fabulous silk kaftan while sipping mojitos. This fantasy keeps us relevant to those both living at the beach and in the city or mountains. ’cause at the end of the day we all want to experience that tropical vacation at least once.

What is your goal with the Bikini Bird Blog?

Tiana: To provide the reader with inspiration, trend and travel on everything that relates to swimwear. We want the reader to feel confident in knowing that they can visit our site to find the newest designers, vacation spots and trends.

Ally: Our goal with our blog is to make that beach jet setting life-style more attainable. We want to be the ultimate source for all things swim, from the best designs and accessories to the latest trends, best travel and shopping. It’s all about attainability. We want that beach fantasy lifestyle to be accessible to everyone.

What are your style influences?

Tiana: I'm all over the board. I love Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, DVF, Mara Hoffman. I am also influenced by the surfing bohemian lifestyle. I love the Mignot Sisters from Sayulitas, Mexico.

Ally:  Mara Hoffman for her prints, Pamela Love for her wild wearable designs, Jean-Michel Basquiat for his color and detail, John Robshaw for his comfort in prints, Kate Moss for making her style her own, my girls – they are so strong, unique and pure and open minded all at the same time.

What's your connection with the surf industry?

Tiana: My first job was with Town and Country Surf in Hawaii and they sent me to a trade show in San Diego when I was 16. I have stayed in the industry since then as a Sales Rep, Design Merchandiser and Sales Manager.

Ally: It’s hard to grow up in Hawaii without being surrounded by surfing and the industry. The first time I worked with SURFING magazine was my senior year in high school for the swimwear preview and I continued with an internship in college finally to end up in advertising sales following college. After moving on to outside sales for a few years, I moved back to Hawaii with my husband and our three little girls so they would be able to grow up in Hawaii.

What made you want to link up with SURFING?

Tiana: I look forward to the SURFING swim issue every year. I am always interested in which models you picked and who is styling and shooting the issue. It seemed like a great fit for our blog. There is so much more to talk about before and after the issue is released. Not to mention we have always been fans of the magazine.

Ally: SURFING has always been that main media source for surf and as a girl I have looked forward to the annual swimwear preview since it’s first year. I remember being a freshman in high school flipping through the preview that Aaron Change shot featuring Malia Jones and I thought that was just the coolest thing. We love the edit and publishing team and are really excited to get on opportunity to work with everybody.

And so are we. Look for Ally and Tiana's posts weekly on the SURFING site under the "Swim" tab.

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