Lindsay Hemric (Lins), the designer of swimwear & active wear brand TEEKI, is on a mission to help the environment and change the way we think about eco-clothing. All TEEKI pieces are made from fabric that is derived from plastic bottles all without compromising design, fit and feel. We had a chance to catch up with the eco-designer and learn what keeps her inspired, what’s up with Teeki and where we’ll find her meditating with dolphins.

BB: When did Teeki launch and what inspired the launch of the brand?
Lins: Teeki officially launched in 2009.  I was inspired to create this brand simply because its hard to find cute fashion that's eco friendly!

Where do you design out of? Where do you live?
I design in the Teeki house in Southern California! I design when I travel and live in SoCal.

How does this inspire your designs?
My girlfriends in my life are a huge inspiration. Living in SoCal has inspired me purely by natures beauty.  I am well traveled and currently nothing has compared to the view of the ocean, mountains and breathtaking sunsets. Nothing is more inspiring than our Mother Earth.

What fabric do you use to create your bikinis?
Our fabric is derived from plastic bottles!

Where is this fabric manufactured? How?
Our fabric is manufactured in the US. The process is called PET, and basically the recycled plastic is broken into cubes and then melted and spun into yarn.  The breakage is pulled back into the yarn creating a higher percentage of recycled fabric.

When did you launch active wear and what inspired this?
We launched our active wear in December 2011.  My hot yoga class inspired me because I was tired of sweating in cotton.

What's next for Teeki?
Artist series, you guys are in for a mind-blowing experience!

About LINS:
Currently listening to: Little Dragon

Favorite designers, artists: Missoni, Android Jones, and I must say I LOVE Jeffery Campbell for his innovation and style.

When not designing, where can we find you? Swimming with the mermaids.

Never leave home without? Something Teeki, Seriously the staple of my life!

Beach bag must have's: Teeki bikini, Joshua Tree chapstick with SPF 15, and RAW Elements avocado sunscreen to keep my skin looking young!

Beach or pool? Beach, DUH! Yacht, DUH!

Favorite destination? Next stop? Every new destination is my favorite destination! Next stop: Bahamas to mediate with the dolphins J

Words to live by? Enjoy EVERY moment of your life. Use the energy within you to create your dreams.