Who is Lisa Maree?


Bikini Bird: Where do you live?

Lisa Maree: Bondi beach

How long have you been designing swimwear?

3-4 years

When did you launch your line "Lisa Maree"? What sparked this?

Launched in 2009. At the time I had an online boutique and was selling imported labels, I started to add in my own designs to the e-boutique and they sold so well, that I started my label.

Have you always been into fashion/design?

Yes, I started out studying graphic design at university. I always loved everything creative.

What is it about designing do you love?

I love being able to express my ideas into images, andthen see them transformed into an actual garment that I can share with the world.

How do your designs reflect you as a person/designer?

My designs completely reflect who I am, I create styles that I would love to wear.

What keeps you inspired?

My surroundings keep me inspired, I’m actually responding to this interview from Sao Paulo, Brazil! I travel frequently and am constantly inspired by the amazing people I meet and the gorgeous landscapes around the globe.

What are some favorite artists/designers?

My all time favorite designer is Alexander McQueen.

What is it about the place you live that keeps you inspired?

I live by the beach in Bondi, the ocean alone is my inspiration, waves crashing, white sand, but as an added bonus, research has shown that the ocean gives off negative ions which actually make you feel positive in your general life.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my 2012/2013 spring summer range

When you aren't designing, where can we find you?

Mainly traveling. I am in Sydney for the most part of the year designing, doing shows and shoots and then in between work I love to take off to some exotic beachside locations.

What are currently listening to?

I’m loving I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li. If you haven’theard it, please google it! I heard this song in Mykonos this year and eversince ive been playing the track!

Any accessories you can't live without?

My iPad and iPhone for a start (using both right now), I think they are extensions of my body. I also won’t go anywhere without my sketching pad and pencils, you never know when inspiration will hit!

Tattoos or body art free?

I have one small tattoo on my left wrist.

Beach or pool?


Make-up or au natural?


Favorite destination? Next stop?

Mykonos is my Fav destination of all time. My next stop on my current trip is Fernando De noronha in Brazil, stunning place!

Words to live by?

I have this quote stuck to my computer at my office and I read this every day, it’s a personal favorite: life is short, so break the rules. Forgive quickly, love truly, kiss slowly and laugh loudly.