The Hub | 01.27.2010


THE HUB | January 27th, 2010 | Sometimes I'm just embarrassed to be a surfer

And the winner is….
Extreme sports' most prestigious film festival announces its winners…as if we didn't know already.

Duuude, wind is gnarly. Gnarly gnar gnar wind, dude. Almost died, brah. Gnaaaarly.
"Exhausted by efforts to paddle against a stiff north wind, a lone surfer was being pushed out to sea…"

Competition with a Conscious?
Would somebody please write something grumpy to this stupid pie-hole.

People are stupid. Dogs are stupid. And, mostly, dog surfing is stupid
Don't you jus love seeing this same story every month. It's soooo cute.

Think You Know Urinal Etiquette?
Then take the Urinal Test