The Hub | 02.1.2010

THE HUB | February 1st 2010 | Playing "just the tip" with the Internet


Follow the Fish to Argentina
…to techno, to booze, to ass. Yes, we will follow (mainly in hopes of it all devolving into porn).

"I love posting when I get home drunk cause it all seems so fucking awesome"
Dion Speaks (er, Slurs) His Mind

"Einstien on a surfboard." Uh, okay.–surfer-inspires-comparisons-to-albert-einstein
You've heard of big-wave legend Garrett Lisi, right? Or maybe you just read a few of his physics essays? Like this one:

Hey wow another big wave comp super duper bro
Todos Santos gets its own exclusive "invite only" big wave paddle comp aren't you excited!!!

These guys seem to be having fun.