THE HUB | 02.16.2010


THE HUB | February 16th 2010 | Biggest Mav's EVER Edition (we never get tired of claiming it, do we?)

Check out 94 photos from SF Chronicle here
That's right…94. And, like, half of them are wipeouts. God bless America.

New York Times says…
“Two onlookers were taken to the hospital. And, my pride may not recover for a long time.”

NYT Slideshow
New Yorkers just get it.

Mav's “Rogue Wave” vid
Love a good mass wipeout on land.

Another angle? Yes please:

And now the news…
Some good slow-mo of the carnage here.





…hey maybe the Rebel Tour should surf only Rogue Waves. Whatever happened to that thing anyway?

If you're gonna says Ken Collins…why not say Ken "Skindog" Collins?
If you're gonna say Daryl Virotsko…why not say Daryl "Flea" Virotsko?
If you're gonna say Grant Baker…why not say Grant "Twiggy" Baker?

Next year, all big wave surfers will be required to have a nickname.
Life is more fun with apostrophes.

And then there's this…which isn't Mav's, it's just some chick's butt.