The Hub | 10.02.2009

THE HUB | October 2nd 2009 | The Natural Disaster and Celebrity Golf edition

SUPs Finally Do Something Good (…and even then it's still pretty lame.)
After disastrous flooding in the Philippines, surfers in Manila deliver food to the hardest to reach to places. On SUPs.

Surfer Survives Samoa Tsunami on His Board
“I was thinking, ‘This is it, we’re going to get washed away and smashed into the jungle’."

Three Surf Charters Located in a Flattened Building -- Surfers Missing After Padang Quake,25197,26151661-12377,00.html
Do you know anyone still missing? Let us know.

ESPN covers Rob Machado's golf tournament
"The problem with hosting a Mexican-themed golf tournament is the copious amounts of tequila one ends up consuming."

Jimmicane's "Most Hated" Photos
"People whose careers are fading tend to try last-ditch efforts for the purpose of attracting attention towards themselves."

Textual Harassment
(619): just caught grandpa beating off in the living room