THE HUB  | 10.24.09 | More Useless Media


Well FINALLY, a Kelly Slater pop-up book
This has got to be another record of some sort.

Behind the Drift
The real deal about making The Drifter…which is FINALLY about to premier

White Writning
Tim Baker’s new Mick Fanning biograpy is out now

Mavericks’ surfers trapped inside a balloon
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if this competition is real…apparently it is.

Coldwater, Eh?
Canada claims The Classic

Missing Surfer Found Missing the Point
Discovered on a oil rig 17-miles from where he paddled out… only in Texas.

Good Hawaii Shark Attack story (if you like that kinda stuff)
“It just didn’t work today,” he said. “It was just my time.”

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