The Hub | 10.27.2009

THE HUB | 10/27/09 | Just like news, only not so much

Either it's a surfing leprechaun, or the biggest Irish wave EVER!!!!

Is Mick Only Winning Because the Waves Are Shitty?
That's what Jamie O'Brien told Stab Magazine.

SA surf champ in Heather Clark injured in Drunk Driving Accident
Mick Fanning wants you to donate, so uh…you know, donate or something.

61-Year Old Kook surfs 14 hours and only catches one wave
"I sure miss that board. If someone finds it, I wouldn’t mind having it back."

Most Watched Surf Clip on YouTube
So pitted….

Life. Beyond Blueline
SURFING's own Andrew Lewis blogs from around the globe