The Hub | 10.29.2009


THE HUB | October 29th, 2009 | We couldn't make this stuff up -- but other people might could of

Shipstern's Gymnastics Club
Hang on. Let go. And then hang on again. This motorized watersport might not be surfing…but they sell it in the same stores.

Kerr-upean Vacation
Josh Kerr gets all blogorific with further punification on his Kerrr-aazy name.

Snake's Take
Jake Patterson with some insightful insights into the European leg and the upcoming title stakes at Pipe

Mainstream Event
LA Times reports on The Search event in Portugal…interesting to see the way the normal world views this stuff. Sports!

Monster Shark!
A 10-foot great white was apparently “just a snack” for this massive Aussie prehistoric behemoth of the sea…apparently.