The Hub | 11.05.2009

THE HUB | November 5th, 2009 | It's only stealing if you get caught.

JOB says "Yes" To Bull
Let's get hopped up on Red Bull and make some bad decisions. JOB dangles a trailer.

Chippa Loves LA
Stab's 2-minute 1-man Modern Collective tribute movie sideshow Weed-thing.

Setting Drifter Free
Free Drifter Premier. November 5th. 8pm PST. Acoustic Mob, full Drift, and Q&A. And hair. Lots of hair.

Are You a Douchebag?
“We’re up in your mom’s house making her airtight.”

Bevo-lition Derby
ESPN's ode to rock-hard surf chicks. Poached for your pleasure…
(The bod is Claire Bevilacqua…in case you don't follow that women's surfing stuff.)