The Hub | 11.06.2009


THE HUB | November 6th, 2009 | You know, for kids!

Is Modern Collective 2 already in the works?
Exclusive sneak preview of Kai Neville's next project.

Rasta raises awareness of his own arrival in Bondi while Nick Carroll mans the shaky-cam field report

Big Waves & Big Bucks
Is Maverick's Paying The Karmic Toll for Selling its Soul to AT&T — Union Tribune reports

Is This The End?
Revelations 13:12: When China takes up surfing, we're all doomed.

Meet Horny Australian Surfers 2night!
Dedicated to all blogs that have completely lost their way…you're not alone.

Do Don't Don't Do This
We could don't this all day…but we're obviously too busy for that.