The Hub | 11.16.2009


Say it:

THE HUB | November 16th, 2009 | Gratuitous, yes. Awesome, also yes.

More Bevos = more sexy
"Women have used their sexuality since the beginning of time for power, so I don't see why surfing should be any different."

Don't ask why, just watch Dane Reynolds in super slow motion. It might teach you how to be cool.

Danny Hess gives us wood
Why the fuck would anyone buy a heavy-ass wood board? Oh, fun.

RIP, Gary Edgar…RIP, shaping in general
Newsflash: shaping gives you lung cancer (let's have a paddle-out for mowing foam without a mask)

Soft-core Kookmeyer
Bob Penuelas bikini smut…not sure if this is hot or not?