The Hub | 11.19.2009


THE HUB | November 19th, 2009 | Nothing good is happening and nothing good ever will

Hobgoods "Claim Awards"
CJ and Damo assemble this year's greatest claims (and more goods shit)

Parko Fans, Sign In Here
The official "Go Parko" little red blog site.

Wade Out
Wade Goodall falls filthier than most of us surf.

Lima, Gilmore and Mulanovich: the Other Title Race
Apparently, there's also a women's tour going on…and it's apparently pretty exciting. Who knew?

Eddie Would Know
Invite list confirmed. If you're checking for your name here, you're not in it. Trust us.

Green Surfboards Are F-ing BORING
Just try to read this article about Green Foam in NYT. We dare you. See, you can't. This has been a test. You may now return to not caring.

The Cute Show
A cat obstacle course why? Because it's better than stabbing yourself in the face with a fork.