The Hub | 12.03.2009


Photo: Sherman

The Hub | December 3rd, 2009 | When Jordy Smith was born, he immediately had sex with the nurse. He was her first. She was his third.

Simpo Brawls? Archy Dances with the Stars? Some Hills bitch slobs on Kelly's hair?
Bloggers gone wild: hard to tell where the truth begins & ends here, but the chicks are hot

Big waves, great whites and a Zeppelin
Does the Mav's comp have a small penis complex?

Hobgoods name new "SuperCoach" for 2010
The search is over. Dancing with the Stars, look out.

Arrested firefighter child-porn surf accident death
Whoa, how's this headline?

Underwater cigarettes! No way, can you believe it?
Finally we can smoke in the lineup (until they make it illegal)