The Hub | 12.09.2009


THE HUB | December 9th, 2009 | Our Semi-Centennial "100-Year Hub" Edition: it only comes out every other year, every other 100 years

In Memory of, uh, Yesterday
2009 Eddie Aikau highlights…going straight is big again.

In Memory of Bruce Irons
Remember this? THIS is a 100 point ride. Coolest Eddie wave ever.

The Reverse Eddie
Duuuude, we should, like, get totally stoned and watch the Waimea break backwards.

Jaws Attaxxxs!
Motorsports enthusiasts outrun some redonkulous sized death-burgers in Maui

Yes, It’s Big
Andrew Shield’s 100 Year Storm photo gallery makes my penis shrink.

Claims, Counter-claims & Rebel Tours
Better than watching a dog chase its tail.

Congratulations (again), Greg Long…we never doubted you after the the last few minutes