The Hub | 9.29.2009


Yesterday's News…Tomorrow

The Mob on CNN
When Rob's crusty 'fro appears in the esteemed CNN studio it's hard to believe security let him through.

Wave Killer's Work To Surf doco-premier
"The wave killer was all about money, perfect waves, and naked women." —Allen Sarlo, wave-killer

Josh Kerr buckles in France
"I was just doing a floater over a one-footer and it bounced up on me. I just got off the plane from Cali, so I was pretty tired also. Not a good combo."

San Diego surf school owner gets 4 years in DUI death
"He included you in his life list… Instead he got your betrayal and his death," says mother.

Scratching the Surface of Scratching the Surface
Behind the scenes of Julian Wilson's new profile film. AMPING.

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If you do it enough, you go to Hell.