The Hub | 9.30.2009


Yesterday's News...Tomorrow

Five Pacific Tsunami Follows 8.3 Quake Near American Samoa… More to Come?,27574,26145503-401,00.html
“The force of the wave took furniture through the roof. The furniture was pushed with the ferocity of the wave through the ceiling.”

Art For the Oceans III
Amazing artists contributed pieces to Surfrider Foundations 25th Anniversary. We’ll say it again: AMAZING.

Rasta Heads To Sea,25197,26144946-5006784,00.html
"What excites me the most is being able to combine the high-risk elements of surfing and sailing and the notion of endurance and pushing your body."

Mick vs. Parko
Evan Slater & Lewis Samuels weigh in on the Title Race

Quiky Frenchy Finalsy posts some fun video coverage from the Quik Pro Finals  Day -- getting LOOSE.

Fish and Dick at Trestles
Paul Fisher's WCT vid-blog -- it's news like this is news which isn't really news is it news.