Brett Simpson, US Open Preparation // 2:11

Brett Simpson:

I got back from Africa, so I've had almost two weeks at home. It's a wave that I surf so much, so a lot of my boards are similarly designed. Not all of them, but I'm definitely comfortable on certain boards out here and I've been working with Mayhem a lot. More of the Grover style boards, with the forecast looking smaller, I think that's what everyone will be on until maybe the weekend. Not too much training, just a lot of surfing. Trying to get the feel going into it.

Last year had a bit of a build up, the "3-peat." As a professional athlete, you feel pressure from people but it's also pressure we put on ourselves. There's a lot that goes into it, so when you do win, it means so much. This year, I've put it outside. You think about the things you did wrong and what you can take the good from and I felt like last year I had opportunities with waves that weren't great but that's what we deal with. You have to limit your mistakes, try and capitalize on every little thing. I'm also just trying to have fun with it because it's an awesome weekend for surfing. There's all these events with the best guys in the world here. I'm just trying to enjoy it because it's my homebreak and I'm comfortable.

I've got a lot of sponsor stuff to do, so it's nice to be able to hangout with friends and family and some fans as well. I'm trying to schedule those in and bide my time well. It gets so crowded with parking, you've got to get down there early [laughs]. It's a week of a lot of people and questions, but it's fun because, with our sport, a lot of events are secluded with not a lot going on. So, it's a nice change.

The boys will be going H.A.M. It's a good week to let loose.

Brett Simpson