The Pope's Living Room, which has now returned to its original moniker, G's Boathouse, was the go-to watering hole for many surfers and industry folk during the 2012 US Open. Parties every night. Girls all over the place. It was such a delightful and debaucherous success that we at SURFING have decided to make this an annual occurrence. We're even considering following the tour. Next stop, Tahiti? Lowers? We'll see what our livers can handle. Here are some photos from the week.
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#NOFILTER The Movie: A Raw, Personal Look Into Surfing

Fox Head is proud to announce #NOFILTER The Movie, the brand's newest surf film that provides a more in-depth, raw look into the lives of some of surfing's elite spotlighting Ian Walsh, Damien Hobgood and Bede Durbidge.

Not your typical surf film, #NOFILTER The Movie will give you the insider's edge, allowing viewers to see a more personal side of those entrenched in the surfing world. Watch unfiltered profiles from big wave surfer Ian Walsh, who hails from Maui and can tackle Jaws waves like no other, and top WCT world tour surfers Damien Hobgood and Bede Durbidge.

"We really wanted to put together a film that goes past the surface in a truly unfiltered capacity. #NOFILTER The Movie really dives into the personal side of these athletes, profiling some of surfing's accomplished, freshest faces and letting us really get to know them," said Chris Drummy, Manager of Fox Head's Surf Team.

Tune into this Saturday August 4th at 8PM and be among the first to watch the film live.
Following the West Coast launch at the US Open of Surfing August 4th 2012, the #NOFILTER The Movie tour will continue on to hit the heaviest surf influenced spots on both coasts. For tour information and to watch the trailer of #NO Filter The Movie please visit

Fox's #NoFilter