(Kamalei Alexander/Kauai Classic Foundation; $24.95; 43 minutes; www.aheadhawaii.com or surf shops)

Here’s the pitch: Watch on screen what only a privileged few get to see (or surf) in person.
Hollywood Connection: Mi Familia: hanging with the North Shore’s most devoted gang of blood brothers.
Best Actor(s): The Irons duo — from their pre-pubescent days at Pine Trees to present hellman years at Pipe and beyond, Ahead shows it all.
Supporting Cast: The Kauai wolf pack and a Volcom house full of high-profile and underground heroes.
Score: Various artists.
Thumbs Down:With no titles identifying the different surfers and spots, you’ll be asking, “Who’s he?” and “Where’s that?” throughout the entire film. But maybe that’s the point.
Thumbs Up: Kamalei Alexander is one of the few present-day Hawaiian chargers who’s recording everything he sees — and it’s paying off. His first endeavor, Ahead, is a raw but creatively edited rush hour that’ll take you from Poto’s Teahupo’o monster to a dredging, Kirra-like wave somewhere in the Outer Islands. Well worth the price of admission.Evan Slater