(Runman Films; 59 min. $26.99)

Here’s the pitch: Runman’s back after a 14 year hiatus with his patented blend of subversion and perversion.
Hollywood Connection: Nothing’s Shocking — Runman’s brand of prankster misanthropy has been co-opted by mainstream network shows like “Jackass” and “Fear Factor.”
Best Actor: MC Drew Steele
Supporting Cast: A bunch of horny dogs, '80s burnouts and a cavalcade of female rump shakers.
Score: Hoyt Axton, Mermen, Ill Repute, Generators, Kauai Boys Thumbs Down: A lot of the footage is grainy and old, and the film suffers from a lack of up to date high performance surfing. Runman’s preoccupation with T&A quickly becomes tiresome and his rude and crude editing style makes Dogtown look as slick and polished as a Puff Daddy video. The film also has a schizophrenic quality as segments mercilessly making fun of both tourists and local Hawaiians are juxtaposed with a reverent profile of Titus Kinimaka.
Thumbs Up: A guy that gives new meaning to the term “cigarette butt,” a voice over (how long has it been since we’ve had one of those?) that both exhilarates and exasperates and some occasionally epic footage of Kauai and LA County secret spots. Folks who want to believe that surfing is holding on to a thread of its underground roots will be heartened to find that Runmental is about as far away from a corporate promo video as it gets. Jamie Tierney