(A Blue Field Entertainment and Strapped LLC. Film; 27 minutes; VHS $24.99, DVD $29.99; available at www.lairdhamilton.com, www.swell.com and surf shops)

Here’s the Pitch: Let’s whip into tow surfing’s past, present and future by assembling the best in the biz and hurling them into the nastiest saltwater mountains to ever spew from the mouth of Jaws.
Hollywood Connection: Everest: it was, is and always will be a mission that can only be done by the world’s most fearless participants.
Best Actor: Laird Hamilton. The tow-in first-mover remains the best behind the Ski.
Supporting Cast: Mark Angulo, Pete Cabrinha, Darrick Doerner, Dave Kalama, Brett Lickle, Rush Randle and Mike Waltze
Score: U2, Mint Royal, Endo, DJ Spooky, Soil, The Doves and A.R. Rahman
Thumbs Down: In documenting a wave and sport that’s turned so many heads in and out of the surfing community, Strapped could have gone more into depth and easily squeezed in a few more of those mind-boggling plunges into history.
Thumbs Up: From beginning to end, you’ll remain fixated on the grizzly footage and the Jaws conquerors’ harrowing accounts from trenches. And the segment on the hydrofoil board will leave you seriously pondering if Maui is another planet and Team Strapped is an alien life force. Andrew Lewis