HERE’S THE PITCH: The “main” men in the surf industry, the pros, rip throughout the globe, and attract a lot of attention.

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION: Hollywood Ending. Well, both films are about the movies, and Slater and Woody Allen have receding hair lines.

BEST ACTOR: A.I. is in the house! Yes, yes ya’ll, Andy’s gangsta lean surfing coupled with Eminem’s gangsta rap song, “Till Colapse,” is the dopest segment on this mofo.

CAST: Irons’ bruddahs, Beschen bros, Slater, Jason Shibata, Pancho Sullivan, Fanning, Parko, Tim Curran, Rob Machado, Dave Post, and a slew of other pros.

SCORE: Big budget acts: Sum 41, Rise Against, Hubastank, Bad Religion, Queens of the Stone Age, A.S.G., Big In Georgia, Linkin Park, Exhaustra, Thrice, Eminem and Nate Dogg. THUMBS DOWN: Crego is blowing it when it comes to the credits. Who the hell is Ben Brought?

THUMBS UP: Big ups to Crego for the rest of his editing. The footage and music are harmoniously intertwined, and the flow form segment to segment is complimented by the repetitive classical music. Bravo.Daniel Ikaika Ito

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