HERE’S THE PITCH: Viva Puerto Rico! Puerto Ricans go loco at home.

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION: Go. Funky, house music, sketchy situations and an array of characters, minus the Ecstasy and glow sticks.

BEST ACTOR: Javier Rivera. This Puerto Rican gets “shaqed” harder than Vlade Divac in the Staples Center.

SUPPORTING CAST: Carlos Cabrero, Dylan Graves and the Puerto posse. Gringo guest appearances by Nate Yeomans, Parko and Rasta.

SCORE: Mental Boy, Giovanni De La Rosa, Kermit and Natural State.

THUMBS DOWN: Some of the camera angles are muy ridiculo. During the “indocumentados” segment, the camera is ill placed behind a tree while the boys are pulling in.

THUMBS UP: The Puerto Ricans charge. After seeing the loco locals pull in to gnarly closeout after gnarly closeout you’ll be motivated to grow some huevos for your next session.Daniel Ikaika Ito

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