HERE’S THE PITCH:The Aussies will soon make up the majority of pro surfing, so you better learn all of their names quick.

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION: Crocodile Dundee 3. Much like the Dundee sequel,Emocean showcases generations of Aussies.

BEST ACTOR:Taj Burrow. Arguably the all around top dog of the Aussie litter, Taj’s segment has the most variety of carves, airs and barrels.

SUPPORTING CAST:Irons bruddahs, Hobgood twins, Harrington twins, Quin brothers, Slater, Kalani Robb, Fanning, Dingo, Parko, Nathan Webster, Dylan Longbottom, Shaun Casdell and a load of Aussies.

SCORE: Lords of Acid, Desmond Williams, YHE Tommy Flowers, Division of Laura Lee, 4 Bolt, Chuck Wood, Unsaid, International Noise Conspiracy, Grinspoon, The Tenants, Refused.

THUMBS DOWN:Where’s the Occy segment, mate? How in the bloody hell do you make an Aussie surfing showcase without the great Mark Occhilupo?

THUMBS UP: The super tight editing and clean cut text are great for the Yanks who don’t know all of the Aussie rippers by their board’s logos.Daniel Ikaika Ito

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