HERE’S THE PITCH: Have your I.D. and boarding pass ready because your taking a trip to Tahiti, Hawaii, and Australia with first class rippers.

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION: Catch Me If You Can.Double overhead Teahupo’o bombs chase gutsy, tow-in surfers like the F.B.I. pursued Frank Abagnale.

BEST ACTOR:Slater. Pig dog after pig dog, Kelly owned every barrel at the 2003 Teahupo’o Billabong Pro while nursing a broken foot.

SUPPORTING CAST:.Dorian, Morrison, Parko, Poto, Manoa Drollet, Malik Joyeaux, Andy, Bruce, Strider and more.

SCORE:Swollen Members, Yellowcard, Last Year’s Hero, Something With Numbers, Nothing To None, Kid Confuscious, Three In A Row and The Cars.

THUMBS DOWN:Too much towing-in causes water pollution and monotony in surf videos.

THUMBS UP: Malik, Poto, Raimana and Manoa at Teahupo’o are good lessons for any aspiring surfer heading to Tahiti.Daniel Ikaika Ito

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