HERE’S THE PITCH: The modern world is distancing itself from nature, and it’s up to surfers to reconnect our delinquent society with wholesome mother Earth.

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION: Me, Myself and Irene. Although none of Rhode Island’s finest surfers in Pay Your Way have advanced delusionary schizophrenia, they go mental in Rhode Island, Costa Rica and other places.

BEST ACTOR: Aaron Cormican. The reigning SMAS champ busts a huge Gorkin Flip on a waist high mush burger.

SUPPORTING CAST: Justin Casey, Frank Walsh, Brian Burns, Freddy James, Carl Detter, Brad Hersch, Sam Hammer, Mike Parson and Mark Healy.

THUMBS DOWN: Way too much filler footage. Whether it be chunky chicks bending over, an Apache helicopter or a lousy spear fisherman, there is a plethora of wasted film.

THUMBS UP: The epic waves in this video are cool, but it’s the mediocre surf sessions in Pay Your Way that are most inspiring.Daniel Ikaika Ito

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