(A Josh Pomer film; 48 minutes; VHS $29.95; available at www.thesurflab.com)

Here’s the Pitch:It worked once, twice…five times – it’s gotta work again.

Hollywood Connection: Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers: It’s amazing, you mix some old faces and places with a whole set of new ones and you get an entirely different movie that’s as good as all the others.

Best Actor: Err, should we dare say the name; Slat…. The Floridian Freakshow, just cannot be matched – he’s blasting sections that most would bottom turn around and his aerial game may not be the highest or most radical, but it sure as hell is the most functional.

Supporting Cast: Andy, Bruce, {{{CJ}}}, Damien, Ratboy, Curren, Parkinson, and more.

Score: The Shutdowns, X-out, No Children, Deviates, Cigar, Fydolla Ho, Skindread, Code 415, D-Frost, and more.

Thumbs Down: TK6 gives us the usual rundown of surfing’s global hot spots. You can almost make a good guess at what location we’ll head to next; Hawaii to Indo to Oz to Tahiti … you know the deal.

Thumbs Up: But there is the other footage and features that keep us coming back to the TK6 saga. Visits to perfect Rincon, wedging Sandspit, beautiful New Zealand and an all-time wipeout section provide breathers from the norm and make for yet another success for Josh Pomer and the TK video series. Andrew Lewis