www.dominionstatus.com or www.cdbaby.com If there was one major breakthrough for which we can thank the late-70s New Wave movement, it’s recognizing reggae’s far-reaching potential. The Police, Joe Jackson, Bad Brains — even Aussie followers Men At Work — showed what the islands’ homegrown gospel could accomplish in terms of both pop and power, setting the stage for acts like Sublime and 311 decades later. Today, the discoveries continue, as dreadlocked bands such as Dominion Status take Caribbean credo to new destinations. Titled The Blame Game, this hard-touring Orange County trio’s release actually visits several different styles – soul, folk, funk – but their foundation remains irie-induced variety, built on taut drum slaps and vibrant guitar blasts from pure aggression to chorus-coated chords. And like their most inspiring, upbeat predecessors, the musicianship isn’t just tight — it’s natty. Matt Walker